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Aluminium foil rewinder

Automatic 4 shaft aluminium foil rewinder


Automatic 4 shaft aluminium foil rewinder is newly developed model for high speed,fully auto for production aluminium foil for kitchen use purpose.

This model is compact in size for saving the working space.the working method is adopted for centering is non-stop for production when auomatic changing the paper core.

By programed unit PLC cowork with Touch screen,the operation is very simple as just need to input the product data.

It is good model for labor saving,cost effective,it is great for rewinding the aluminium foil roll for consumer roll,aluminium kitchen foil,house foil roll etc.

Machine working process:

Material loading--automatic gluing spraying on paper core--automatic start the rewinding--automatic stop when rewidn roll arrvies legnth setting--automatic cut off the finished roll--automatic switch into next core to start the rewinding,automatic deliver the finsiehd roll on convery system to join the packing.

Machine data:

Material:Aluminium foi;

Mother roll width:300/450mm on option

Mother roll inner core diameter:3/6''

Mother roll max outer dia:600mm

Rewinding roll width:300/450mm option

Rewinding roll inner core diameter:25/32/35/38/40mm

Rewinding roll length:2/3/5/7/10/50m option

Rewinding speed:250m/min maximum



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